Ghost are in the process of introducing their ‘newest’ singer to their fanbase in video form. It isn’t actually a new singer at all though. Longtime fans of the band are now familiar with the process leading up to a new album, in which the band gives their vocalist a makeover and new name.

The bands vocalists stage name is Papa Emeritus, with the band adding roman numerals to the name after each studio album.

The next album, due out this year, will be the band’s fourth so the ‘new’ vocalist will be known as Papa Emeritus IV.

Unfortunately for fans the video doesn’t actually show the new look of Papa Emeritus, it cuts off just before the reveal ending with the words “to be continued ” so there’s obviously more promo material coming from the band in the near future.

The release of the video does seem to suggest that Ghost will have new music out sooner rather than later.

The full video can be seen below….

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