Game of Thrones Virgin Accidentally Quotes Tyrion Lannister in His New Single

From mugs, to t-shirts, to mouse-mats, Game of Thrones merchandise is hard to avoid. Notably that with famed quotes from witty dwarf Tyrion Lannister, whose one-liners are infamous within the series.

However, music producer Marco Dalla Villa has been able to miss the hype around the global television phenomenon, titling his new track ‘I Drink and I Know Things’, only after he “saw it written on a mug and thought it was a cool linesaw it written on a mug and thought it was a cool line“.

The fantasy drama was an unlikely-hit across the globe, and caused a fan phenomenon with an average gross audience of 44.2 million across all platforms – so it’s with some irony the music producer had never watched a single episode when he wrote his single.

Having studied piano since when he was 4 before studying music theory and composition Marco was allured by the pull of Dance music and found a passion for making upbeat dance music. Having racked up hundreds of thousands of streams a reputation to boot, Marco is now hoping to launch his career, maybe with Tyrion’s help!