After what will be remembered as the most hilarious festival fail of the year, Fyre Festival is now attempting to make amends. Ticket costs varied between $1,000 to $12,000, and full refunds have now been offered by the office, alternatively the glass half full optimists have the option of a VIP upgrade for the 2018 re-do.

The “fyre” was put out by distraught festival goers as they were faced with sub-par conditions that did not meet the champagne dreams of the promo video, which it turns out is actually violating trade law.

Social media was the platform of choice to promote the festival, but ultimately it proved to be its demise as attendees flooded their feeds with images of chained doors, and uninspiring sandwiches, all of which were accompanied by the alliterated angst of the hashtags: #fyrefestfail #fyrefestfraud.

lawsuit website calling on attendees to seek for damage compensation has emerged and a lawsuit was filed on Sunday 20th April against organisers Billy McFarland and Ja Rule in the amount of $100 million.

The festival that was likened to the Hunger Games, Survival and Lord of the Flies, has resulted in an avalanche of social media statements and apologies, even the ministry of tourism for the Bahamas released a statement expressing their “disappointment” 

All the while The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has threatened to crack down on celebrities and influencers who fail to disclose paid sponsorships. “One of the biggest deceits of the entire media campaign was that almost all of the 400 influencers who shared the promotional videos and photos never noted they were actually advertising something for someone else, which the Federal Trade Commission requires.” correspondent Nick Bilton wrote in Vanity Fair.

Some of the featured celebrities have chosen to apologise, such as model Bella Hadid, who tweeted “if I would have known about the outcome, you would have all known too.” whilst others, like model Kendall Jenner, have deleted any mention of the festival from their social media accounts.

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