This Megadeth was written by Kallem Morris a Gigsoup contributor.

Thrash metal royalty Chris Poland, Nick Menza and James Lomenzo are joining together to create a new band which is said to be a mix of their famous thrash metal style and classic rock. The full line up of the band is yet to be released but with three rock icons already included the future is looking promising.

Menza says: “It’s got some elements of that, but I’d say we’re just so far beyond everything that’s been heard already. It’s gonna be a conglomerate of styles. It’s gonna be what we like to do best – have fun, play. Our material is gonna be really out there. It’s gonna be different. It’s gonna be heavy, but it’s gonna be us”

Chris Poland may have not been apart of Megadeth for almost 20 years, since an argument with Dave Mustaine over a T-shirt contract forced him to quit the band in 1987, but his name is one die-hard metal fans have never forgotten for his amazing contribution to the first two studio albums.

James “JLO” Lomenzo was the bassist for the band between 2006-2010 and is also a former member of White Lion and known for his work in Black Label Society. He left the band due to being replaced by original bassist  Dave Ellefson.

Nick Menza who was the drummer for the band for nine years between 1989 and 1998 and appeared on five albums. Menza was asked earlier this year to rejoin Megadeth but turned down the offer because he claimed he was basically asked to work for free.

With the band remaining unnamed for the time being and an incomplete line-up it may be a while before we get to hear from the trio but with the talent and experience all three have surely it’s going to be epic.

Former Megadeth trio reunited

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