Flying Lotus’ film debut ‘Kuso’ has been released

You may not have heard of Kuso yet – The brainchild of experimental electronic music producer Flying Lotus (Steve Ellison), the film which is his directorial debut didn’t exactly receive rave reviews when it premiered earlier this year at Sundance Festival. In fact, the reports were that at the press screening, a good number of people were so grossed out that they didn’t make it to the end of the film. Kuso is slowly gaining the well-earned title of grossest film of the year which; coupled with its tongue in cheek humour, could make it a cult classic.

Kuso is well worth a watch for audiophiles that may not be usually interested in the horror genre as alongside high quality sound design, the gross-out comedy features music from Flying Lotus’ upcoming album as well as music from the likes of Aphex Twin, Thundercat, Kamasi Washington, Akira Yamaoka (who produced much of the music for the survival horror video game series Silent Hill) and Jazz influenced spoken word interludes by Busdriver.

The film consists of four main vignettes (or segments) broken up by trippy animations, TV static, spoken word interludes and news reports that explain and commentate on an earthquake that has destroyed Los Angeles and mutated all of its survivors. Without giving too much away, within these vignettes the audience encounters mutated lovers with a choking fetish, abortion dilemmas, poop eating creatures and Mr.Quiggle.

Whilst Kuso is bizarre, coarse and abstract at times it does (if you ignore the disgust) have themes that are interesting, compelling and interesting to watch.

Kuso is out now on the Shudder video streaming service and as of July 21st has had a limited theatrical release.


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