Fleetwood Mac's Buckingham and McVie announce duet album

Fleetwood Mac’s Buckingham and McVie announce duet album

Formally announced in an interview with LA Times, Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie are working on a new duet album together. After being hinted in months prior by fellow band mate Mick Fleetwood, the new album, ‘Buckingham McVie’, is due to be released in May.

McVie re-joined Fleetwood Mac at the start of their extensive touring throughout 2014 -2015 after a 16-year hiatus from the music scene, save for her solo album “In the Meantime”, 2004.

‘Buckingham McVie’ will be the first collaborative work between the two. McVie, responsible for ‘Don’t Stop’, ‘Over My Head’ and Think About Me’, told LA Times: “I’ve reconnected with the band and found a fantastic person to write with.

I’ve been sending Lindsey demos in their very raw form and he’s been doing his Lindsey magic on them, which I love.


While the album title links back to Lindsey and Stevie’s duet album, ‘Buckingham Nicks’, Stevie has not contributed to this latest endeavour. Unlike Mick Fleetwood and John McVie. Nicks has been busy on her Rockin’ 24 Karat Gold Tour, she will be performing until March.

Rumour has it that the band have been working on a new LP, 14 years after the release of their last album, ‘Say You Will’. However, Fleetwood told Rolling Stone in August that Nicks was hardly involved in the making of music since McVie’s return to the band.

Buckingham hits the nail on the head, “It’s a band like no other.

In September, McVie shared with Rolling Stone, “Lindsey and I, we have plenty of songs. There are tons more in the bag that we have yet to record. And they’re fantastic.

‘Buckingham McVie’ is due for release in May 2017.

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