Finn Matthews is a name on the rise in pop music. His profile has only grown since his catchy 2017 hit ‘Julia,’ and will continue to grow following his latest release ‘Into The Open,’ and upcoming debut album “Sunny Daze.”

At a young age, Finn’s delicate yet soulful falsetto voice impressed his now mentor Elijah Blake, who has penned hits for artists like Rihanna, Usher and Rick Ross. This became the start of his career, and at the age of 16, Matthews moved to Los Angeles to pursue music and do what he loves full time. The effort of accepting yourself and doing what you love is what Finn hopes to do in his new single.

Finn says, “This song is about finding the best version of yourself through love. It’s also about understanding that you can always improve your outlook on life and your situation. I wrote this song during a transformative time, where I finally began to accept myself, and I want others to be inspired to love themselves and do what they love.”

Finn Matthews has you ride a wave of emotions in ‘Into the Open’ as he yearns for company while feeling lost, and the inability to smile as his mind battles the thought that the world is breaking down. Next is the desire to stay in the moment and witness his own growth. 

In the chorus, you see the growth that Matthews yearned for in the song as he sings. “I don’t believe we’re all hopeless. I don’t think anybody’s broken. I’m not saying that we’re all the same, but I think that people can change,” to then have his thoughts affirmed with “I was losing my focus until you pulled me in the open. Now I’m no longer running from the pain. That’s how I know that people can change.”

Coming onto the scene as a pop vocalist Finn honed his skills as a guitarist, writer, and producer. And as Finn matured, so did his sound. His maturation is evident in ‘Into the Open’ with lyrics that bring hope and inspire people not to run from their emotions and embrace through they are. It is a message with love, Matthews sings about someone that “pulled him to the open,” whether that comes from the love of someone else or loving yourself the 20-year-old singer-songwriter made a track that anyone could relate to, and add to any playlist. 

Matthews also released a mesmerizing visual to go with the track. Teaming up with director, Brad Wong the video explores two stories of people who overcome setbacks and experience the freeing Triumph, Matthews sings about in ‘Into the Open.’

Keep an eye out for Finn Matthews debut album “Sunny Daze,” which he wrote and produced. Finn presents a blend of vibey, bedroom pop rooted in R&B, and marked by his signature silky vocals. Comparisons like Daniel Caesar or Jon Bellion come to mind. But, like his voice, this is a unique sound that is entirely Finn.

Listen to ‘Into the Open’ here.

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