KAABOO Texas reveals inaugural 2019 lineup: The Killers, Kid Rock, Sting, and more

If you’re looking to escape the clout-chasing theme of many of this year’s festivals, KAABOO Texas may be for you. Set to host The Avett Brothers, Lauryn Hill, Alanis Morrisette, Cheat Codes, Ludacris, and more, KAABOO 2019’s inaugural run will quite literally have something for fans at every stage of life. Whether you’re stuck in 1980, 2008, or if time has finally caught up with you— or better say, you with it— you’re sure to find something to enjoy during this three-day party on the Arlington fields. While half the festival does indeed feel like a strange time warp, we still greatly appreciate the effort to create a more wholistic music experience; the festival is perfect for those whose music taste tends to scratch the surface of many different genres.

Now you’re probably thinking: “KAABOO” definitely sounds familiar. That’s because a “KAABOO” Festival is nothing new; their team operates a huge KAABOO event in Del Mar, San Diego every year. This, another one of their offshoot festivals that joins the likes of KAABOO Cayman Islands, is the first, however, to take place in the south.

Fitting for its location, KAABOO captures the spirit of Texas with a three-day festival that brings not only music, but copious amounts of food to the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. We must say, it’s brought in an impressive roster of artists for its first rodeo. Everything that other festivals decided wasn’t “cool” enough this year.

KAABOO Texas’ first run is expected to roll through Arlington’s AT&T Stadium May 10-12. Tickets went on sale with the lineup announcement, and are currently on sale here.

See the full poster below.