Coachella 2019: 5 Female Acts We’re Pumped For

Coachella 2019 is quickly approaching, and it’s almost time to start buying that glitter to throw onto yourself and re-finalizing your travel plans. With the coveted spot as the first major festival of the year, Coachella will once again bring over 200,000+ guests to the valleys of Indio for three fun-filled days of music, food, and wild company. And in honor of International Women’s Day, we’re combing the Coachella lineup for the five female acts we’re most excited for.

Charlotte Gainsbourg

Given that , we were excited to see her on the lineup. Daughter of two influential English/French figures, the British-French singer got her musical start back in 1984, and shot to fame with her daring single, “Lemon Incest”, a duet with her father about a mildly pedophilic relationship between a father and his daughter. Her daringness carried over throughout her career, with . Her 2017 album, Rest, a remarkable, multilingual collection of songs that found her in the crosshairs of desperation and grief did not make nearly the waves it should’ve, but . Singles in-between were released in those eight years, but none delve as deep as Rest as a whole, which poked at the aftermath of her half-sister’s death and the difficulty of recognizing that someone is really gone. Her latest work, the Take 2 EP, released December 2018, saw her take a much happier approach to music, yet continues to redefine the . Although falling a bit short with her dark electro-pop take on Kanye West’s “Runaway”, the lyrical prowess of “Rest” and her earlier works shine through in the other three songs, . We’re excited to join her live, in doing ?, like ? and building effigies out of the past.

Calypso Rose

Rose McCartha Linda Sandy Lewis, known as Calypso Rose, The 78-year-old Trinidadian-singer got off to a very early start, writing songs as early as fifteen, . Her first ever song, “Glass Thief”, came about in 1955 as she saw a man stealing glasses from a women selling them in the market. Trinidadian Calypso itself . To the untrained ear, this style of Calypso sounds like a mix of Latino beats and Jamaican Mento, but it’s important to notice that they are extremely different. We’re excited to see her featured here, and we can only hope that the demographic of festival-goers will appreciate her music for the masterpiece that it is.

Kero Kero Bonito

Upbeat and high-flying, the computer pop of Kero Kero Bonito makes them the perfect band . Fronted by Sarah Midori Perry, KKB found themselves thrust into the mainstream eye with 2014’s 15-track Intro Bonito, which included “Flamingo” and “Sick Beat”. 2016’s Bonito Generation redefined electro-pop, but 2018’s Time ‘n’ Place sees the band in a completely new headspace, . The difference between 2014’s “Flamingo” (what is considered their most popular song to date) and 2019’s “Swimming” (their latest single) is vast, yet both songs equally showcase a time . Influences of the band moved from J-pop to indie-shoegaze .Kero Kero Bonito stun in their latest two-track single, which dramatically turns towards the music they were leaning towards in Time ‘n’ Place, but never fully realized. The cheery, carefree nature of ’90s indie dreampop is wholly captured in these two tracks, and we’re excited to see where this road takes them.

070 Shake

New Jersey singer and rapper 070 Shake . The 21-year old had quite humble beginnings, growing up in. She had always written poetry to soothe her pain

Billie Eilish

If 2017, 2018, and 2019 belonged to anyone in music, it had to be 17-year old Billie Eilish (well, there are a few other contenders, but…). The LA-born singer hasn’t left our radar at all since the 2016 release of breakout single “Ocean Eyes” (and subsequent debut EP, ‘Don’t Smile at Me’, which has sat in the Billboard Top 200 for more than a year and a half), and . As she gears up release her debut album, ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’, her work sits in the , and proves you really can rule the world at 16. Makes quite a mess of our teenage dreams, huh?

Watch her latest video for “bury a friend” below. And if you need a lighthearted laugh afterwards, watch Eilish test her spice tolerance and blind-taste sodas on the latest episode of ‘Hot Ones’.

If you’re going to Coachella, congratulations! This probably means you got tickets in the thirty seconds they were available. If you’re not, you can try Stubhub, or simply take a minute to mourn over the great lineup of bands you will not be seeing.

The festival returns to the valleys of Indio, California from April 12-14, and again from April 19-21.