If you’ve never experienced experimental music, Geniuser is the right artist to start your journey with. While gathering all elements that can be quite scary for an ear unused to experimental music, the duo still manages to create an accessible project, which makes a perfect introduction to the music genre. While the first listen can make you wonder what you’re listening to, the second one will open your eyes, your mind, your soul – and you’ll just suddenly understand everything that is going on in I Am. The research put in the construction of the sound itself, through the use of atypical sounds and instruments to create the melodies, is amazing. While each of the features are atypical, almost weird, they fit each other perfectly: the sound paints a gloomy, blurry, worrying image, making the listeners picture themselves in a very particular environment. Their single Epiphany, released in April, tried to prepare us for such an album – but Geniuser definitely raised the bar higher than we could’ve ever expected.

As said in previous reviews for their single Epiphany, this album (in its entirety) is definitely the type of soundtrack that would perfectly accompany a Kubrick movie: meaningful, artsy and subliminal images are everything I Am is about.

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