The Upcoming Epicenter Festival

It is not often that you are able attend an inaugural festival event, although everyone wishes once history has been written that they had been there. The Epicenter Festival being held in Rockingham, North Carolina on May 10, 11 and 12 is such an event. This rock festival is the creation of Danny Wimmer as new direction for festivals with an all-inclusive camping and music experience. The Epicenter Festival will have no curfew and festival goer will have the opportunity to camp within the festival grounds. This a ground breaking approach to festivals in the United States. The excitement of this first ever Epicenter Festival has drawn some of the biggest acts in music such as Tool, Korn, Rob Zombie, Foo Fighters and Judas Priest.

Danny Wimmer is no stranger to the festival scene having organized and facilitated 11 different festivals across the United States. He was the creator and driving force behind Rock on the Range, which was, in its day, the biggest rock festival in the United States. When it comes to rock festivals, Danny Wimmer knows what fans want and breaks barriers to make it happen. The Epicenter Festival is his answer to all inclusive festival that features a majority of those attending actually camping on the festivals ground, rather than leaving the festival at the end of each day. This festival will feature an after-hours village with more music, bars, food and stores. The fact that this festival is set in a rural setting, has eliminated a need for a curfew and the fun doesn’t have to end for festival goer when the headliner finish for the day.

This is quite a new concept for most people who previous to this festival, attended The Epicenter’s predecessor, Carolina Rebellion held annually in Charlotte, North Carolina. The lack of hotel accommodations in the area has not impacted ticket sales and a fan created page on Facebook has served to help festival goers answer questions and prepare for this massive festival set to kick off in less than a month. This is a historic moment in music concert history. In a year where big festivals are dominating the music news, the Epicenter will be at the forefront, as fans and music executive alike watch as this new tradition in festival going is unveiled.