Riva Taylor launches TWH Community for Mental Health Awareness week

This Woman’s Heart is an online community that was created by British Singer/Songwriter Riva Taylor; it supports and connects women in the arts.

Born from a personal place of loss, they believe in the power of creative expression to release and lift us up when we are left with an empty space. So, they enlist art, music, movement and performance, together with the strength of the female community, to help us express and feel, with heart again.

Through their programmes of workshops and events, they hope to help more people discover and harness Creativity, and support others along their individual journeys of loss into a more balanced (and loved) place.

For Mental Health Awareness Week, the organisation will be officially launching and using their Instagram platform to stream their ‘Creative Light’ talks and interviews. Join them as they speak to leading women in the arts to explore how Creativity has helped them personally refocus or help re-centre others in times of struggle. Meet them and hear their own stories and learn how we can use Creativity to navigate our individual situations.

The first interview this week is with Strictly Come Dancing singer Hayley Sanderson who is giving a voice to survivors of domestic abuse during the coronavirus lockdown.

Hayley has joined a number of other high-profile vocalists to come together to coach the Bede House choir and record Stronger, initially recorded by Britney Spears to show their collective strength having escaped abuse. And, they are aiming to raise £10,000 for London based domestic abuse charity Bede House and the national organisation Women’s Aid.

You can tune in to Hayley’s interview on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thiswomansheart_/  and YouTube https://youtu.be/n8UjSpNUMTI


Creator Riva Taylor said: ‘Creativity is a healer. It fills spaces when people leave. Generally, there are spaces because we don’t feel fulfilled in life. I know music has been that for me when I’ve needed support. TWH was a thought that evolved over a few months and shared it with friends and they jumped on board. We’ve had a lot of women jump on board from across the arts and collaborations are happening. It is a real positive to be able to offer help during these uncertain times in the world.’