Portals Announce Virtual Festival Event

Portals will be hosting a Virtual Festival in lieu of their regular festival, due to have taken place this year on the 6th and 7th June.

The two-day video podcast event features discussions of all the bands announced and exclusive interviews with: We Lost The Sea, standards, AK/DK, OHHMS, Boss Keloid, Human Pyramids, We Never Learned To Live, Midas Fall, False Advertising, No Violet and Parachute for Gordo alongside snippets of music and performances.

The Portals organisers will discuss the music from all the bands and why they booked them. This includes Nordic Giants, Totorro, Joliette, He Was Eaten By Owls, Luo, Bicurious, Pijn, Modern Rituals, Elevant, Flies Are Spies From Hell and A Burial At Sea.

The content will be broadcast via a Facebook watch party at 5pm on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th June; all the details can be found here. It will also be available to watch afterwards on the Portals Youtube page.

Whilst this is all free, Portals is encouraging those who check it out to support the bands involved by purchasing their music and merchandise.

Accompanying the virtual festival is a Spotify playlist to allow listeners to delve further into these artists, which can be found here.

Portals is an experimental/math/post-rock gig promoter in London specialising in all day events and festivals.

Artists to have played Portals in 2020 include: Mclusky, Three Trapped Tigers, yndi halda, Agent Fresco, Talons, Delta Sleep, Lost in Kiev, Gallops, Totorro, Palm Reader, Her Name Is Calla, Vasudeva, Hark, AKDK, Vodun and many more.