Paolo Nutini will headline at Paisley Abbey as part of The Spree Festival 2017.

Nutini will perform a charity gig to help his beloved hometown of Paisley win the Culture Capital bid this year. The historic abbey, a cultural bargaining tool in the bid, will play host to its favorite son on 20th October 2017.

After Nutini recorded a special video message to show his backing of the bid, he has since revealed plans for a concert to take place at Paisley Abbey this autumn as part of the Spree, Paisley’s national festival. The 850-year-old venue will also to play host to Indie-Rockers the Frightened Rabbit and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

Charities; The Love Street Singers, Mirren Park School, The Kibble Band, the Sunshine Recovery Café, all chosen by Paolo, will receive the proceeds to of the event.

Nutini said: “I’ve always wanted to play in the abbey since I was a wee boy. I’m proud to be a part of The Spree, I’m proud to be from Paisley, love is music and music is home.”

He said also said: “I’m backing the bid because Paisley is and always has been my home. I love the town and want to see it grow.

“It’s a town that needs the investment, but it knows what it’s going to do with that investment and I think the potential is really clear.

“I see the romance of the town – when you walk into the centre it’s got a beautiful composition.

“The bid is about building a structure that can tackle the more deep-rooted problems and it’s important we get behind that.”

Performances from one of Scotland’s most talented musicians aren’t often available so this will be a sellout event in seconds. The 550-capacity show will be balloted, with tickets price £30 each, limited to two per person. Successful applicants will be sent a pre-sale code at 9am on Monday 10 July 2017.

You can apply for tickets via: to be shortlisted.

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