Somerset singer/songwriter Nick Parker will be showcased at the 2018 Leeds International Film Festival for his ‘wooden’ contribution to the ever growing art of the music video.

The Leeds International Music Video Award, now in its fifth year, is a celebratory showcase of outstanding aesthetic innovation and style in the contemporary music video.

Whilst Glastonbury based folk musician,  Parker has an ‘out of the box’ creative back catalogue of home grown music videos that include a lyric video made from Alphabet Spaghetti, and a seaside romance between Barbie and Ken, it was his first time animation for his song ‘Es Tut Mir Leid’ that caught the judges eye.

Blue Peter inspired…

“I was gifted a caricature set of mini hand painted peg dolls of my band – The False Alarms – by a friend for my birthday,” explained Parker. “I immediately fell in love with them, and wanted to make some additional props, like a drum kit, to set them up for a photo shoot. The animation sort of escalated from there, and before I knew it I’d made a full stage set, with lights, mics, speakers, even beer bottles! My friend and I worked on some additional pegs to make a crowd, which included some of my regular gig goers, and people loved trying to spot themselves in the finished video.”

Over 90 hand painted individual wooden peg dolls feature in the animation, which was Parker’s first attempt using self taught stop-motion techniques, and took several months to complete, with over 10,000 images for 5 minutes of film.

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The song itself is a tongue in cheek take on the British trait of apologising for everything when abroad. As a regular on the German gig circuit the song is a firm favourite at every live performance both home and away, where the required audience participation of holding up cards for a singalong of the German words in the chorus is beautifully replicated in the animation.

The video is also a touching tribute to two ladies called Liz – Parker’s Mother, and a close friend, both of whom lost their battle with brain tumours in the past year, and for whom the song was one of their favourites.

Leeds International Film Festival

The world’s first films were made in Leeds in 1888 by Louis Le Prince, and today the city is a leading centre for film culture.

The 2018 programme presents an enthralling and challenging collision of all manner of visual brilliance, ranging from consumate and artful storytelling to the truly avant-garde and everything else in between.

The ‘Es Tut Mir Leid’ music video by Nick Parker and the False Alarms will be screened at Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds from noon on 3rd November 2018. Tickets can be booked for the full Music Video programme from £6/£7 via

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