Cast are set to re-release their four classic albums this February, via Edsel records
Cast are set to re-release their four classic albums this February

Cast to release deluxe versions of classic albums

Merseyside four piece Cast are the latest band to be given the deluxe reissue treatment with their four original albums, ‘All Change’ (1995), ‘Mother Nature Calls’ (1997), ‘Magic Hour’ (1999) and ‘Beetroot’ (2001) released on 3rd February, via Edsel Records.

Undoubtedly the definitive editions of the band’s catalogue, each deluxe remastered 2CD+DVD release will come with original artwork, high-quality new packaging, exclusive bonus audio, extra tracks including live and session tracks, plus new sleeve-notes. These superb packages will also include new interviews with Cast frontman John Power.

Their debut album, ‘All Change’ (1995), a delightful slice of scouse psychedelic pop, was released on Polydor Records at the height of the Brit-pop movement, and became the highest selling album for the label, selling over one million copies and spawned four Top 20 hit singles – ‘Fine Time’, ‘Alright’, ‘Sandstorm’ and ‘Walkaway’.

Further commercial success continued with the Stonesy/Faces-inspired platinum selling album ‘Mother Nature Calls’ (1997) which peaked at #3 and spawned two additional top ten hits with ‘Live the Dream’ and ‘Guiding Star’ and one top twenty hit with ‘I’m So Lonely’.

The band moved towards a heavier sound for third album, ‘Magic Hour’ (1999), keen to distance themselves from the Britpop movement. First single ‘Beat Mama’ hit the top ten but the Britpop movement was faltering and a number of Cast’s contemporaries disbanded (e.g. Kula Shaker, Dodgy, Smaller and The Seahorses.).

The band’s fourth album would eventually lead to the band’s split. ‘Beetroot’ (2001) used Latin beat sounds as the band largely abandoned the ethos of producing simple yet catchy three minute pop songs. With only one single released from the album, ‘Desert Drought’, failing to make an impact, the band split the following year.

As one of the most traditional guitar bands to emerge during the Brit-pop era of the mid-’90s, Cast fast became a popular band in the UK following the success of Oasis and Blur. Led by vocalist/guitarist John Power, Cast carved out a sound that was heavily indebted to the British Invasion of the early ’60s, yet it was infused with a mystical, pseudo-hippie lyrical sensibility.

What really made Cast into a success was Power’s gift for simple, classic pop hooks. A band of the people, frontman John Power came with sufficient previous form (The La’s) and garrulous charm to ensure that critical fondness was never far away. Labelled ‘The Who of the 90’s’, Noel Gallagher once described watching Cast play live as “a religious experience.”


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