Euangelion Shares His Message in New Album The Last Witness Vol. 1

Everyone belonging to a society knows that society is stratified among classes, ethnicities, races, corporations, gender etc. One thing is evident is that the powerful will never voluntarily relinquish their power. What if there was a greater force behind the scenes? Some people call it the deep state, the political wisemen, the power elite … What if these men are actuated by a force alien to ordinary people? What if the world is following a script that will lead to an undesirable end for ordinary people? Euangelion in What if explores some of these questions with the hope that his listeners will not accept things as they see them but will develop a sociological imagination and question everything.

Euangelion presents What if? form the album The Last Witness Vol.1

The True Nutopia The legal code has not been explained to most minority groups. And if it did it would allow them to navigate the social ladder easily or easier. Maybe even as ably as the majority. Another nod to the Conflicts Theory because it has been said, that some people are able to make fortunes by navigating the loopholes of the law. It takes capital to do this or if you have the intellectual will. For where one lacks power the other does not. There needs to be equal opportunities in every area of our life where applied. What if everyone had it? Then none would be at a disadvantage. Herein lies true Nutopia the utopian dream.

Εuangelion | Ευαγγέλιοn – Greek for “message” or “the messenger” – is a crossover Hip Hop/Reggae artist from British Columbia, Canada. Describing his life as “‘kaleidoscopic’ at best and ‘interestingly colourful’ at worst”, his music is aimed at encouraging audiences to question everything around them, from people to philosophies to institutions. This is in keeping with Euangelion’s commitment to life, as both holder of a degree in religion and his career in the nursing industry.