Ethan Bortnick Balances Humor and Darkness with ‘harmonic minor’ EP

Ethan Bortnick announces the release of his EP, harmonic minor, on August 28th with Sun & Sky Records. Loaded with previously released tracks and a new song entitled “5 am,” the project fulfills Bortnick’s search for beauty in the madness. The EP begins and ends in chaos, representing the existential chaos within the artist and people’s irresistible magnetism to their own forms of chaos.

“Ethan delivers tunes filled with fiery piano performances, moody vocals, and lyrics that feature his knack for balancing humor and vulnerability,” Sun & Sky Records said. From the opening scream in “I Want Red” to the thunderous beat in “5 am” that completes the EP, Bortnick manages to take listeners into the deepest parts of his mind while creating a sense of curiosity for the next thought. With harmonic minor, the Generation Z musician has created a piece of art that “flows like a cycle…through an introduction to his dark, manic, piano-heavy tunes,” Sun & Sky Records said.

About Ethan Bortnick:
Having raised $50,000,000 for nonprofits around the world, at age 19, Ethan has been headlining concerts around the world and giving back since his childhood after becoming renowned worldwide as a piano prodigy. At three years old, he discovered a rare set of music skills, including perfect pitch, on his little toy keyboard that eventually led him to appearances on The Tonight Show, Oprah, Disney, Nickelodeon, and his award-winning concert specials on PBS. Ethan has had over 4 national television concert specials, airing at record amounts, while supporting local music and arts in communities across America. He currently holds the Guinness World Record for the youngest headliner in world history to have his own concert tour at nine years old. Ethan has performed over 1,000 headlining shows and even helped Haiti with his appearance on the recording of We Are the World with folks like Tony Bennett, Quincy Jones, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and many others. That fire to give back still burns in adulthood, as Ethan hosts the tv show Celebration of Music, a talent search where Ethan shares his platform with talented undiscovered young artists and musicians. Ethan has started to add his own voice to the modern music landscape with new music that finds him highlighting his piano skills and message through dark alternative pop. Producing and writing in his room, Ethan is creating a unique piano-centric sound with lyrics reflecting his Gen Z humor and experiences.

About Sun & Sky Records:
Sun & Sky Records is an Independent Record Label that works with clients to release all genres of music worldwide with innovative platforms and brand new marketing strategies to leverage all entertainment outlets. Partnering with Warner Music Group’s ADA division, Sun & Sky Entertainment is a burgeoning leader in identifying young and unique talent and works with a diverse group of entertainers and influencers through their record label, talent management division, television production, live concert production, concert promotions, live touring, consulting services, gaming division (Sun and Sky Gaming), and their YouTube influencer division. Sun & Sky Records takes the lead in architecting bright futures and musical opportunities for its young and exceptionally talented influencers.

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