Todd Honeycutt

Enfold Darkness bassist dies by suicide at 30

Enfold Darkness bassist Todd Honeycutt has tragically hung himself at the age of 30. Not much is known about the situation right now, other than Honeycutt took his own life in the garage of Enfold Darkness guitarist Elijah Whitehead.

The band subsequently released an official statement this morning via Facebook acknowledging Honeycutt’s passing.

A fundraiser for Honeycutt’s funeral costs and transportation of his body has been set up for fans to contribute.

The band’s label Malcom Pugh had some touching words about getting help for suffering depression and life itself “you breath borrowed air and you live in borrowed flesh. The other side is an unknown experience, void of realistic conception despite science and myth. We sit here and read each other’s fake lives on a screen while we lose touch with one another in such a way that most of us feel alone sitting next to other people. Embrace your neighbour while you can. This goes for the people that struggle and the ones that watch.