Emily Litta is an R&B artist and songwriter based in London, UK; but with half Kiwi/half Italian heritage. After a series of well-received initial releases and having built a growing social media presence, Emily took herself around the world to immerse herself in different musical cultures and climes throughout 2019. She’s returned with her own unique take on R&B inspired by her love of old-school Hip-hop, Funk and Jazz records; all passed through a 90s throwback lens and lyrically based on her experience as an independent young woman. It’s an exciting blend – Emily Litta is just getting started.

From the onset, ‘Not A Love Song’ is a track that shies away from the hallmarks of a love song; “I just wanted the track to be an unfiltered fuck you rather than a sad song about love,” Emily elucidates. It’s charged with a No Doubt-inspired early-2000’s alt-pop energy and sees Emily seamlessly blend her hip hop and glory days R&B influences with a mature twist and unapologetic lyricism. As a follow up to her late 2019 single ‘+1,’ she laments on how a past relationship has made it challenging for her to love again but trades the subjects typical melancholy for empowering anthemia, reminding us “I thought I told you that it’s N.A.L.S.”

Speaking to the motivation behind ‘Not A Love Song’ Emily shares “The idea behind Not A Love Song came about one day when I was in the studio and felt like writing a track that explored the consequences of a toxic relationship. I really wanted it to be an unfiltered f*ck you rather than another one of those sad love songs, so we kinda went the opposite way with it. It’s ballsy and a little in your face which is exactly what makes it so much fun to perform live.

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