EL VY have been nominated for a 2017 American Music Prize (“The AMP”) for Best New Debut Album, “Return To The Moon.”

Selected by a group of the music industry and media professionals for those bands who released albums from August 2015, and July 2016. The band made the final cut of 55 out of the original 250 bands selected.

The winner of the award will be announced this March 2017 in Los Angeles California and will receive 25,000.

According to EL VY’s Facebook page, the band might be working towards “Returning” from the moon to possibly create new music here on earth. Brent Knopf posted a photo on Facebook, of a handwritten note expressing his desire to connect with his band mate Matt Berninger.

The letter or note is filled with humorous queries regarding where Matt might be “On Zach Galifianakis’ yacht,” or “Partying with Dinklage in some remote location for G.O.T.”

The (cryptic) letter finishes with the most important part, “I’ve sent you a bunch more EL VY song ideas (with the dub-step influence’s you requested).”

EL VY nominated as finalist for AMP 'Best Debut Album in 2017'

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