Ed Prosek shares stunning one take acoustic visual for ‘I Was Wrong’

Californian singer-songwriter Ed Prosek is an artist of striking talent. His intimate vocals and songs of honesty, introspection and worldly observation set him apart from other songwriters, combining a musical beauty and individual sense of arrangement with powerful and emotive lyricism to create music that is truly undeniable in every sense of the word.

Mentored by the legendary producer Rupert Hine (Stevie Nicks, Rush), Ed has built an impressive and loyal online listenership with half a million monthly listeners, 20+ million streams, two top 3 singles on Hype Machine, and tours in the US, UK and throughout Europe. With his latest collaborations with Berlin-based producer, Andrew Applepie and Italian singer Violetta Zironi, Prosek has shown different sides to his songwriting style and firmly defined himself as an important and relevant voice in the modern independent music scene.

Ed Prosek’s latest single I Was Wrong, recorded at Ed Prosek’s studio in Berlin, mixed and mastered by the artist himself is a compelling return to his roots as a classic singer-songwriter. This track represents the first taste of an all-new forthcoming 6 track EP due for release in Spring 2019, which will further delve back into the artist’s origins, re-examining and framing them in a new light.

The acoustic offering, beautifully recorded and shot in Kreuzberg, Berlin, is a slightly more somber take on the original, delivered in one take and led by Ed on a stunning Steinway Grand piano accompanied by acoustic guitar backing.

Sharing further insight to I Was Wrong, Ed shares:
“Sometimes in order to move forward, you have to give up on some of the things you love most, and this song is about the doubt that follows that process.”I’ve changed my sound and worked with many different artists and producers over the past year. I’m so excited to take everything I’ve learned and re-imagine myself as a singer-songwriter again.”

You can find Ed online at his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and SoundCloud.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vtgbwDYhqo&w=560&h=315]