Ed Prosek shares new EP ‘Light As A Feather’

Ed Prosek has rocketed from underground sensation to fully-fledged emerging star. His effortlessly beautiful songs have been streamed 7 million times since January and he has a million devoted fans on Spotify.

And his new EP, Light As A Feather –  released on May 31st – confirms what his huge fanbase already knows: he’s a not-so-hidden-gem songwriter of immense talent.

Packed with perfect melodies and bittersweet lyrics about love and loss, the EP is a showcase of Ed’s talent as a songwriter whose music touches hearts and cuts directly to the centre of emotions that make us human.

Leading the EP is the single Light As A Feather, a deeply personal song reflecting tenderly on the journey of life. Golden and gentle, it combines Ed’s trademark lightness of touch with the soaring spirit of early summer.

The songs on this EP hold deep emotional importance for Ed, who says: “I’ve had quite a few life-altering epiphanies while writing, and the songs on Light As A Feather are a perfect example of that. For me, songwriting is a way to tap into the things you’re too afraid to say to yourself and to help reflect on why you might feel them in the first place.”

Also on the EP are singles So Beautiful – a silky, honeyed song about desire and hurt – and Wisdom, which premiered on Clash, featured on official Apple Music Best of the Week playlists around the world and gained praise from Earmilk who gushed over its, “graceful beauty with stirring moments of sensitivity and vulnerability.” Meanwhile, Until We Meet Again is a painfully gorgeous song about the complicated bond between mother and son, and Black Ink is another of Ed’s classically touching love songs.

Light As A Feather is accompanied by an EP launch gig at Maschinenhaus in Berlin on Thursday June 13th. (Tickets: facebook.com/events/822766414769401) A second wave of singles precede another EP in the latter half of 2019.

2019 has plenty to come for his huge, loyal fanbase. A second wave of singles precede another EP in the latter half of 2019.

Ed hopes that this year’s pair of EPs will paint a more complete picture of him as an artist: “I’m a very happy, upbeat person – despite the fact that I’m almost always singing about sad things! This EP and the songs on it have brought me back to my roots, helping me re-imagine how I see myself as a songwriter.”

It’s sure to please the fans that have rushed to embrace him – and if 2018 was a year when millions of people first discovered Ed’s emotive lyrics and classic songwriting, then 2019 is set to be the year millions more fall deeply in love with a wave of new songs which take his craft to new, lustrous heights.

Find Ed Prosek online on his YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify and SoundCloud.