Melodic, sing-along, punk rock band Dear Seattle have announced their debut album Don’t Let Go, out February 15th, 2019 . Additionally, the band have unveiled “Daytime TV” and launched pre-orders for the album.

Following their latest critically acclaimed single Maybe, “Daytime TV” is all about the struggle when you love but have absolutely no idea how to let them know. Is it best friends? Is it lovers? Are they just being polite? You have no idea until you take the plunge and let them in on it. You have to be entirely vulnerable and it’s incredibly risky, but it’s the only way it will ever turn into something.

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Premiered via triple j’s Good Nights last night, lead singer Brae Fisher explains the track further: “Musically, I really love this song because it’s the first one where I have written the lyrics and vocal melody first before adding the instruments. I think that gives it such a different feel to most of our songs – it’s a bit faster and wordier, and I feel the lyrics are more subtle than usual. The whole thing is made to make you want to bop and shout as much as you want to sit still and focus on the nuances.

Dear Seattle’s debut album Don’t Let Go has been a gradual process, started eighteen months ago with no plan for what it was to be based on. Additionally each track in a way can be a single in its own right, but the album as a whole is a holistic spectrum of what Dear Seattle can be, with no filler tracks and a depth to last for years’ worth of listens.

Don’t Let Go is available for pre-order here and “Daytime TV” is available now on all digital platforms.

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Track listing:

  1. When I’m Gone
  2. Maybe
  3. Daytime TV
  4. Bigger Than My Brain
  5. Homegrown
  6. You
  7. Try
  8. Let Me Bleed
  9. Broke and Hungry
  10. A Modest Mind
  11. I Keep Dreaming
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