David Bowie Blackstar promo
David Bowie Blackstar promo

David Bowie releases new ‘Blackstar’ video

This David Bowie article was written by Michael Liggins, a gigsoup contributer

David Bowie has released a 10 minute short film to accompany the title track from his forthcoming album ‘★’ (pronounced Blackstar) which is out on January 8th, Bowie’s 69th birthday.

Directed by Johan Renck the Swedish director behind ‘ The Last Panthers,’ – which uses Bowie’s song as it’s theme – the video contains elements of sci-fi, religion and contemporary dance alongside some unsettling imagery. A grey haired Bowie appears in the clip; his face partially covered in bandages with buttons replacing the eyes.

‘★’ will be David Bowie’s 25th studio album and will contain seven tracks. According to the Times, ‘★’ clocks in at 45 minutes and “may well be the oddest work yet” from Bowie. Calling it “an album of long, jazzy jams mixed with the kind of driving beat pioneered by ’70s German bands Can and Kraftwerk,” and revealing that it was recorded at New York’s ‘The Magic Shop’ recording studio.

In 2013, Bowie surprised the music world — on his 66th birthday — when he released “Where Are We Now?” from his first album in 10 years, ‘The Next Day,’ which arrived a few months later.

The single ‘Blackstar’ is available to download from 20th November 2015, the album is available to pre-order now

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