Dave Giles releases heartfelt new single Taken Too Soon

London singer-songwriter Dave Gilesis back with the first taste of his upcoming second album Tennessee & 48th. New single Taken Too Soon is a tender, mid-tempo rocker showcasing a new found maturity to his songwriting and the Americana/Country talents of the Nashville musicians he assembled for the new LP. With the inspiration for the song being a fan and friend of his who has since passed away, this is powerful stuff.

Tennessee & 48th arrives on 2nd November – fans of Frank Turner and Jason Isbell will find plenty to enjoy here.

Taken Too Soon is about a girl who came to my gigs many, many times over the years called Kayleigh,” explains Giles. “Over time, we became pretty good friends. At the end of 2014, I was pretty drained from years of self-promotion and touring and contemplating giving it all up. At the start of 2015 I got a phone call telling me that Kayleigh had dropped down dead at work, aged 21. I was asked by her family to sing at the funeral and I did – it was the toughest gig ever. After that, I wondered why the hell I’d even contemplated giving this up. I love doing what I do and despite a small audience, I’ve built up a wonderful community of people who come to my shows and they’re all a huge part of my life. It’s a very different career to what I thought it would be when I was 18 and dreamed of being a rock star, but it’s so rewarding. I wrote this song about Kayleigh to honour her memory and that bond.”

In January 2018, the 33-year-old jetted off to Nashville to start work on his most ambitious project to date. Having crowdfunded an impressive £25000 with his loyal fanbase, Giles and his producer Dean Dichoso put together a band of incredible musicians in the perfect studio, located on the corner of Tennessee and 48th Street (Welcome To 1979). The 10 songs were recorded live to 2-inch tape – just how all your favourite old records were made – and explore relationships, community, hedonism and sacrifice through Americana storytelling and folky introspection.

Find Dave Giles at facebook.com/davejgilesmusic, on Twitter at @davejgiles and at instagram.com/davejgiles now.

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