Dancing With Dakota Unleash Video For Brilliant New Single “Voices”

Eagerly awaited since the singles’ announcement at the start of August, Glasgow metalcore firebrands Dancing With Dakota are ecstatic to present the music video for Voices.

Featuring wrestler Davey Blaze, and tackling the subject of mental health issues head on, both in the lyrics for the track and the video itself, Voices is a track full of raw emotion that will resonate with a great many listeners. The song excels equally in its heaviness and at being more melodic, punishing listeners in one moment and soaring in the next. Check out the video below:


Davey Blaze’s presence in the video was something that was very important to Dancing With Dakota, as it offered more depth to the story on multiple levels. The band explain why it was important for them to feature Davey Blaze in the video:

The reasons that David Coyle, ‘Davey Blaze’ was asked to be a part of this production was simple. Not only is he a close friend who we have seen at rock bottom, but someone who has fought their way back to reach the level of success that he has.

Debuting his professional career in 2009, Davey has earned the record of being the youngest wrestler in Scottish history to hold the Triple Crown of Tag Team Championship wrestling and has been seen in the ring with the likes of the legendary Kevin Nash.

But more importantly he’s a man that has lost friends and family to mental health issues and there was a beauty in him agreeing to be a part of this video. Not only is it unbelievably brave for him to do this but there is a positive message to anyone who is struggling.

There is always hope!“.

Following the release, Dancing With Dakota have two big shows on the horizon in October.

On the 13th, they’ll be supporting ISSUES at The Cathouse in Glasgow, alongside Lotus Eater. They’ll be returning to The Cathouse six days later to support Management Roster friends Neshiima at their EP release show on the 19th of October. Ticket info for both of these shows can be found at the Dancing With Dakota Facebook page.

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