Culture Abuse are a band that can’t sit still. Since their inception in 2013, they’ve relentlessly showed their creativity through music, art exhibitions, photography and live performances.

The band’s new collections album, Good Shit, Bad Shit, Who Gives a Shit?!, encompasses the demo process of writing their records, live recordings from their many years of touring, and their history of collaborating musically with friends. Live songs recorded by fans at the shows, cover songs they’ve laid down for fun, alternate versions of previously released songs, and literally the first recordings of song ideas are all presented on this 29-song album of unreleased recordings from the Culture Abuse archive.

“With the state of the live music industry in limbo, we thought now is a better time than any to open ourselves up and give the listener a different take on some of our past work. We take the groovy mid-tempo songs off Bay Dream (2018) and give you our aggressive live set atmosphere. We re-imagined the faster, more upbeat songs from Peach (2016) and slowed them down into an acoustic, stripped-down set.”

Culture Abuse

The first single to surface from Good Shit, Bad Shit, Who Gives a Shit?! is an alternate version of ‘Heavy Love’ (from 2016’s Peach). This stripped-down, slowed-down version of the track features bonus instrumentation and a chilling vocal appearance from Juan Gabe (Comadre), and feels as freewheeling and fascinating as ever.

“Cover songs from iconic bands like the Sex Pistols, the Buzzcocks and the Equals, we tear ‘em up and piece ‘em back together the way we do when we sit down together and make ‘zines, tour posters and show flyers. Some of our original songs are covered by our close friends within this collection. We’re presenting this release through digital outlets so the songs are at their most accessible. So whatever’s happening in your life, here are some songs to help you take it all on: the good shit & the bad shit.”

With their kinetic DIY ideology, Culture Abuse once again have transcended genre and returned with an electrifying collection that traverses their career and catalogue thus far.

Good Shit, Bad Shit, Who Gives a Shit?! will be available digitally on 24 July 2020.

Track Listing:

  1. Bee Kind To The Bugs (Live at Moth Club, London 2019)
  2. Goo (Field Recording, Ferry from Denmark to Sweden 2019)
  3. Problems (Sex Pistols Cover, Dr. Martens Cassette 2018)
  4. Submission (Sex Pistols Cover, Dr. Martens Cassette 2018)
  5. Rock Steady (“California Speedball” Demo, Amsterdam 2017)
  6. Chinatown (Live at LDB Fest, Louisville 2019)
  7. Police On My Back (The Equals Cover, Los Angeles 2018)
  8. Bee Kind To The Bugs (Instrumental Home Recording by David, 2017)
  9. Bay Dream (Live at LDB Fest, Louisville 2019)
  10. Turn It Off (Peach Alternate Version, 2016)
  11. Chinatown (Peach Alternate Version, 2016)
  12. Heavy Love (w/ Juan Gabe – Peach Alternate Version, 2016)
  13. Should I Stay or Should I Go (The Clash Cover – Live at the Moth Club, London 2019)
  14. Tre Cool (“Dave’s Not Here” Demo, Amsterdam 2017)
  15. Calm E (Live at For The Children, LA 2019)
  16. For You To Know (“California Speedball” Home Recording by David, 2017)
  17. Dream On + So Busted (Live at LDB Fest, Louisville 2019)
  18. Bee Kind To The Bugs (Bay Dream Demo, Amsterdam 2017)
  19. Bluebird On My Shoulder (Bay Dream Demo, Amsterdam 2017)
  20. Rats In The Walls + Weed Break + Dip (Live at LDB Fest, Louisville 2019)
  21. Flintstones (“Dozy” Demo, Amsterdam 2017)
  22. What Do I Get (Buzzcocks Cover – Live at Kung Fu Necktie, Philly 2019)
  23. Bluebird On My Shoulder (Home Recording by David, 2017)
  24. Rats In The Walls (Bay Dream Demo by David + Nick, Oakland 2016)
  25. Helpless (Neil Young Cover by the Stainer, SF 2020)
  26. After Hours (Velvet Underground Cover by Nick, Oakland 2020)
  27. Clay Pigeons (Blaze Foley Cover by Jake Woodruff + David, San Antonio 2019)
  28. Feels So Weird (“Bay Dream” Home Recording by David, 2017)
  29. Jealous (Cover by Jake Woodruff, 2016)
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