Crown The Empire and lead vocalist part ways

Crown The Empire and lead vocalist part ways

Crown The Empire vocalist, David Escamilla, has left the band.

The Dallas rockers, who are due to play Download Festival in the UK in June posted a statement on their Facebook page:

Dave isn’t in Crown The Empire anymore. That’s how the chips have landed after the smoke has cleared. Everyone will try and make it out like it’s a big corporate thing, and say we’re “very excited about the future of what both he and ourselves make as we all continue to pursue music” but we all know that when you see your girl or guy with someone else it sucks.

Dave is an incredible talent that we’ll never be able to replace in our sound, but we’re excited to build an identity around Andy as the singer of this band once more, and we can’t wait to bring our creations to you.

David also posted a statement on his page explaining his reasons for the split:

“To the people who are willing to stick by me and accept my failures as well as see me move forward, I can’t thank you enough. You’re the one thing that made me want to continue doing this when I was at my lowest point. When I would consider giving up, I had another fan come along and change my mind. You guys can’t even begin to understand what that means to me. You kept my love for this thriving. And I couldn’t be more grateful.

With love,