Coleurs shares blissful debut EP ‘Distance’

Having spent much of the last few years creating music with those around him, producer Colin Wood aka Coleurs now looks to venture on alone as he unveils his latest EP Distance.

Implementing elements of the 80s synthpop sound and bringing it into the modern day, Distance manages to capture the awe and swooning nature of the genre, all while maintaining a solid and contemporary production throughout.

Coleurs looks to explore the romantic side of electronic music with this release. The title track opens with a blissful harmonium and heavenly symphonies. If Float were an allegory for finding your sound, in Distance Coleurs has found the shore and displays a subtle, newfound confidence. The deeply poignant Limitless features the impeccable vocals of Joslynn Cortess, and is lifted through a soaring atmosphere of subtle keys and a pushing rhythm that aims to highlight the texture within the producer’s chosen direction.

Does technology really make us better and more relatable?” he explains. “Is there still human connection out there within a technological world. These are the questions as we move forward that need to be asked.

The beautifully arranged EP highlights Coleurs’ talent for creating songs that feel both vast and intimate, set against blissful atmospheric soundscapes, as exemplified through tracks Distance and Years Ago. The final, epic track Safe and Sound features vocals from Missing Words and opens with a calming electronic arrangement that continues throughout the remainder of the track and ends with a simple piano arrangement, closing out the EP is a calming nature.

Distance takes inspiration from the connection between art and music, and Coleurs’ adds a touch of wistful elegance to his work that has enabled him to deliver a wonderfully blissful project, and shine as a competent solo producer.

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