Christian Kuria

Christian Kuria Releases Vibey New Track ‘Enemy’

Kenyan-American producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Christian Kuria initially gained notoriety via YouTube, where he made ‘neo-soul’ guitar videos and covered popular songs. In 2019, Christian began releasing his own original music and has put together an impressive catalog of R&B/soulful music.

On September 30th, Kuria released his newest single ‘Enemy.’ The impressive track came pretty naturally, of its creation Christian said:

“My process is usually pretty meticulous. It often takes me several days or even weeks to complete a song, but it’s really exciting when a tune comes together without a struggle. “Enemy” was one of those songs; I wrote and produced it in a day. Everything just worked, and I wasn’t afraid to try a new approach stylistically.”

‘Enemy’ is a song that is easy to find yourself playing on repeat. The vibey single starts out with an airy guitar that soon combines with silky smooth vocals. The track should be an instant addition to any of your R&B or easy listen playlists. Also impressive is the lyrics. The artist expresses some vulnerable/relatable emotions from a relationship on the track.

Soon after Christian Kuria released his own music, he got the attention of Cautious Clay. Christian joined Cautious Clay on his fully sold-out North America tour. The artist certainly impressed fans on tour, and soon after returning Christian Kuria released his debut EP ‘Borderline.” On that EP listenership increased 600% and the tracks started getting editorial playlist support.

Just as Kuria impressed on tour, he will impress you when you listen to his music. With two upcoming releases planned, Christian Kuria is going to be a name you know that makes music you love.