Celeste Releases the New Music Video for ‘Strange’

In 2018, Celeste’s sultry and soulful vocals gained her attention from music fans and music moguls alike. Her new-found popularity has caused many to liken her sound to that of icons such as Amy Winehouse. Although, in reality, Celeste’s music has such an emotional maturity and unique style that she is set apart from those who came before her.

This September, the jazz-inspired singer released her new single, ‘Strange’. The tantalizingly haunting track showcases Celeste’s raspy and powerful vocals, which are accompanied by atmospheric strings. 

On November 7th, the music video for ‘Strange’ was released.

The mournful and almost melancholy tone of  ‘Strange’ is perfectly complemented by a minimalistic, dark video. We see Celeste slowly move down a shadowy road, lit only by the fire she walks away from — a perfect metaphor for the love her character is leaving behind.

The video moves on to show Celeste’s character and, presumably her partner, involved in a car crash. Following the crash, we see Celeste standing alone, dressed in a 1920s-esque outfit before the scene changes again to show the two lovers back in the car. However, this time they seem far more distant. Perhaps these scenes depict another metaphor; the irreversible damage that occurs during relationships, which can turn lovers back into strangers. 

The music video ends back in the place it started, on that same burning street. The love between these characters has come full-circle, leaving only burning memories of the connection they had as they become strangers once more. 

The music video for ‘Strange’ flaunts Celeste as the multi-talented artist that she is; an exquisite singer and clever songwriter who thoughtfully releases artistically intelligent work. It is no surprise that Celeste is becoming an extremely influential woman in music. 

Later this month Celeste will perform 3 sold-out concerts at London’s Omera. In 2020 she is also set to play shows in Manchester, Glasgow and at the London O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire. 

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