Singer-songwriter Bryce Drew is out with a fresh new single ‘Love Life.’ The recently released song is a refreshing ballad on independence.

In ‘Love Life,’ Bryce explores the feelings many feel in their twenties while being single, and relationships are forming around you. Rather than being down about it, Drew reminds you, “I don’t need a love life, to love life.” in an exceptionally energizing and uplifting way.

Bryce says, “Everyone who knows me will tell you that this song is my mantra. My last release, “21”, shared that I’ve been single for a very long time. “Love Life” is me saying, well, hold up— don’t go thinking I’m just here waiting around. It’s my treat yourself, love yourself, pick-me-up anthem. It feels very timely that this would release right now when many of us are at home in solitude and searching for positivity. I hope it reminds whoever is listening to not let the current circumstance keep them from finding joy… buy your own flowers, make the nicest dinner, and light all the candles! Laugh at yourself while you’re at it. That’s what I’ll be doing.”

Love Life’ becomes just that, a treat yourself, love yourself, pick-me-up anthem, and is one that will get stuck in your head in the best way. In each of Bryce Drew’s releases, her lyrics impress. There is a sweet vulnerability to them. In ’21’, she explores expectations her younger self had, and navigating the realities as she is older, and accepting where she is at and has strong lyrics like “Here I am twenty-one/Never been in love/Nothing to cry about/I know it will come.”

Love Life’ builds off of ’21’ and is all about accepting, embracing, and loving yourself and your circumstances. “I don’t need to let a single state of mind take over my head, my heart, and my life. I don’t need a love life, to love life.” There is a freedom and positivity to this track, and it makes you appreciate the time that you have with yourself and learning to love that.

Bryce spent four years studying songwriting at Nashville’s, Belmont University, and it shines in her writing. Her storytelling is introspective and relatable. She teams her beautiful storytelling with an equally beautiful voice. Drew’s voice and stylings help her freely move across genres blending a bit of pop, soul, and folk to her songs.

The artist relocated to Los Angeles, where she is currently recording with Grammy-winning producer Greg Wells (Adele/Dua Lipa/Katy Perry) for her debut project. The two are currently featured in an 11-episode series on called “Start to Finish,” documenting the creation of Bryce’s song “Lucky Number” from the very beginning of the songwriting process all the way to mastering.

Bryce Drew will express a feeling that you likely share in any of her three singles, and she will do it in an eloquent way that will help you through. Keep an eye out for Bryce Drew as a name on the rise in the singer-songwriter world.

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