Bob Dylan drops unexpected 17 minute track

‘Murder Most Foul’, starting with JFK’s murder, contains more than 70 references to other songs

Bob Dylan unexpectantly dropped a previously unheard 17 minute song, ‘Murder Most Foul’ last night. He says it was recorded a while back and it begins with what seems like a straightforward account of JFK’s assassination.

What it then does then though, is take us on a journey of the whole sixties and beyond, from The Beatles to the 20th century, with more than 70 musical references.

It’s a beautiful, moving tale of what Dylan has been hearing his whole life, the stories he has absorbed and subsequently told, the music he has listened to and the music that has passed from The Who’s ‘Tommy’ to Billy Joel.

It’s like Dylan is pouring his soul out to the listener. This is solemn man’s ‘American Pie’, and an epic release that, despite its slow pace, flies by in 17 minutes.