Blur drummer Dave Rowntree elected to Norfolk County Council

Blur drummer Dave Rowntree has been elected to Norfolk County Council after winning 59% of the vote running as a member of the Labour Party.

Rowntree told BBC News that he was “genuinely humbled to be elected as a councillor” and explained that his victory would not effect his work as a musician which was currently “on hold.

Rowntree stated that “Blur are not doing anything this year as a band. We tend to do things when something interesting comes along.

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It’s not the first time Rowntree has run for office, after unsuccessful bids for council and parliamentary seats in 2008 and 2010 respectively.

Despite Labour taking control of “target sets” from the Green Party, the Tories won overall control of Norfolk County Council by gaining nine seats from UKIP.

The Tories now have a total of 55 seats on the council, with Labour at 17, the Lib Dems at 11, and the final one taken by an independent candidate.