Blossoms to headline NME Awards Tour

The annual tour to compliment the NME Awards will be headlined by Stockport Indie band Blossoms. For Blossoms, 2016 was a standout year as they released their debut album which went to Number One in the UK and toured relentlessly while building a dedicated fanbase along the way.

The tour will commence in March and will stop off in London, Bristol, Cardiff and Glasgow amongst other venues across the UK. The announcement caused quite a stir on social media this afternoon as it seems as if the NME have just put their name on an existing tour. Blossoms initially announced these dates in 2016 and some have already sold out. The NME have come under scrutiny with many labelling them as ‘lazy promoters’ for not organising their own headliners.

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Last year’s shows were headlined by Bloc Party who were supported by Drenge, RatBoy and Bugzy Malone. Not only did last year’s shows provide more diversity in terms of music, Bloc Party were announced as exclusive headliners, unlike this year. 

Many have criticised the NME, especially since it has become a free publication,  that it has not done enough to promote new music and upcoming music. Despite the fact that Rory Wynne and Cabbage who will support Blossoms on this tour provide relatively new breeds of sound, the fact that the supposed ‘New Musical Express’ have effectively slapped their initials on this tour makes it appear far less genuine. 

Tickets for the shows can be found here: