Blair Jollands

Blair Jollands to Release New Album, ‘7 Blood’

Cinematic, singer-songwriter Blair Jollands announces that his new album, ‘7 Blood,’ on 24th August.

Living in London but originally from New Zealand, Blair Jollands is an international artist in the truest sense of the word. He has even explored every corner of the globe. From Shanghai to Sydney and Bali to Berlin. These kaleidoscope of travels have let Jollands absorb the air and the energy of the world. Fortunately, he is able to exhale all of these magical sinews into his new album ‘7 Blood’.

Under the pseudonym, El Hula, Blair Jollands was previously signed to Boy George’s label, More Protein. During this time, he received 5* reviews with his albums ‘Hotel’ and ‘Violent Love.’

Blair Jollands
Blair Jollands 2018

Furthermore, in the interim of these musical ventures, Jollands spends his time focusing on film. His composing, score writing and producing have culminated in Emmy nominations and accolades with the same twitch of his tail. These include most recently the highly acclaimed movie ‘Pride’, ‘Wild Bill’, ‘Bleak House’, ‘A Touch of Cloth’ as well as the award winning film, ‘Shackleton’. In addition, Blair has frequently worked with The Strokes’ producer Gordon Raphael.

Blair also contracted and battled Lyme’s Disease, which he has embraced and overcome with the same curiosity of an explorer. By turning every challenge into an adventure, Jollands says there are hints and even some inspiration from his experiences in ‘7 Blood’, not least the title!

You can see Blair Jollands live a the Seabright Arms on the 13th September 2018 – tickets available HERE