Black Sabbath share trailer for upcoming tour documentary

When, back in February this year, Black Sabbath took the stage for a triumphant hometown Birmingham farewell, it was to raised eyebrows by some. Could this really be the end? Well, it certainly was the final date of a lengthy 81 date tour entitled The End, so yes – it would appear that Black Sabbath is indeed over. While this isn’t the first time the band have called it a day, there’s a seriousness in the air this time that hasn’t been present at previous declarations of finality.

The hugely influential group, whose initial run with front-man Ozzy Osbourne lasted from 1968 – 78 and yielded 8 LPs, have had more than their fair share of different vocalists over the years but, aside from a one-off Live Aid show in 1985, they didn’t reunite with Osbourne until 1997. The lineup folded once more in the ’00s and the group wouldn’t reunite again in original form until 2011. Although original drummer Bill Ward left proceedings in 2012, citing contractual disputes, the Sabbath juggernaut was well under way by that point and the band released what’s likely to remain their last album, ’13’, in 2013.

Film maker Dick Carruthers – perhaps best known for documenting the 2007 Led Zeppelin reunion in the film 2012 ‘Celebration Day’ – has directed newly announced ‘The End Of The End’. Quite whether it’s a straight concert-film or more of a documentary remains unclear from the short trailer seen below, but it certainly looks like exciting news for those who worship at the altar of Sabbath.