BEE BEE SEA release deluxe reissue of debut album and EP.

After two European tours, an American tour and hundreds of dates in Italy since their debut, in March 2015, Bee Bee Sea have literally lived on the road. As their first press release said, “… if the Black Lips were born in England, maybe they would sound like Bee Bee Sea.”

Their first self titled album was “a collection of singles” that put them on the radar of garage punk enthusiasts and music industry insiders. An easy-going and genuine attitude, something between the Gallagher brothers and Supergrass, combined with an inexorable garage sounded fresh and contemporary. That record, self-produced and self-distributed as in the best DIY tradition, has remained somehow mysterious, mostly abroad.

It has therefore become a small cult object. The soundtracks of the American TV series Shameless and the continuous buzz that the band generated everywhere with their rough and wild live sets helped spreading the word.

A new version remastered and enriched by the following EP “3 Songs and Jacques Dutronc”, released on white vinyl by Wild Honey Records and distributed by Striped Music.

Check it or order it from Bandcamp!