Giles Martin was interviewed yesterday (17th May) on Radcliffe And Maconie’s Radio 6 show. Martin mostly talked about his work on the soon to be released 50th Anniversary edition of The Beatles’ classic ‘Sgt. Peppers’, an album originally produced by his father, George Martin. In amongst discussion of the remastering process, and tidbits about the band themselves, Martin revealed that the next Beatles album slated to receive the 50th Anniversary makeover is their 1968 self-titled double album, known to most as the ‘The White Album’. Listen to the full interview here and skip to around 1:51:00 hear Martin confirm the release.

Martin said that “‘The White Album’ – which will be the next release – that was when they started becoming properly indulgent. There are so many takes of ‘Sexy Sadie’ [that] efficiency went slightly out the window“, suggesting that there’s no shortage of material from the album’s session in The Beatles vaults. The album was originally released on 22nd November 1968, so the anniversary is still a way off yet, but if the 50th Anniversary edition of ‘Sgt Peppers’ is anything to go by, start saving now, as the super deluxe edition won’t be cheap.

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