Baegera releases the slick afrobeat club track ‘Seen You Before’

Baegera is the new exciting artist exploding onto the music scene and clubs around the globe from the diverse and cosmopolitan streets of West London.

The name ‘Baegera’ is inspired by his heritage – the name in Hindi for ‘black panther’ as referenced in Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book as a ‘protector’ and ‘mentor’. Likewise it is Baegera’s greatest desire to inspire others with his music and unique talents, lighting the way for new talent to come through under his watch in an ever growing musical landscape. He speaks of life and love and all the universal themes and draws his influences from across the globe with slick production and a sensual late-night afrobeat, club vibe.

As well as his music comprising global influences, the recording and production of his latest single Seen You Before, released 6th December, was a truly international collaboration: written and recorded at Peer Studios in Los Angeles, backing vocals recorded at Tileyard in London, mixed at Larrabee Studios back in Los Angeles and then mastered at Sterlings in New York. Production was by S.O.S. (Mikey &Mo) who produced the likes of Stormzy; Mix Engineer Jaycen Joshua who has worked with ASAP Rocky, Chris Brown and Missy Elliot,  added his considerable expertise to the track. Additional production was by DJ Camper who has worked with no less than Jay Z and Mary J Blige. Topline writer of the track was Varren Wade who has worked with Janet Jackson, Wretch 32 and many more. In short, the best of the best from all around the globe made Seen You Before come alive.

It was a strange act of serendipity that saw the creation of Seen You Before – in actual fact Baegera didn’t intend to make this record at all, originally he was intending to go into the studio to rework previous tracks. He says: “I was there for 1 week to remake my existing records and we ended up writing new songs. It just happened! I was in the booth till 4am on the first day. Varren picked up the guitar and the melody just came. Literally the song was done in 5 mins. Then it was just writing the lyrics. We couldn’t stop listening to the record. We then went to Mo’s elder brother Harmony Samuels who is a big time producer in LA. He then said one word ‘smash’.”

When talents come together in an unexpected way, you can’t fight against it, you can only go with the flow and see where it takes you. When a top producer says a word like ‘smash’ you know it means something very special. The movers and shakers of the music business are eagerly listening.

This is where Baegera’s journey truly begins.