Aude Langlois by Oliver Blohm / @aude_langlois @oliverblohmcom

Aude Langlois releases debut EP Promesses & official video for ‘En Transit’

Aude Langlois is a French musician and composer based in Berlin. Having spent the last ten years exploring sound and experimental performance art, she now presents her enchanting musical poetry project with the debut EP – Promesses. Aude’s second single ‘En Transit’ is a song suspended between what was and no longer is, what will be but remains unknown. The song is brought to life by director Carlos Vin Lopes, cinematographer Andrés Lizana Prado, and a handful of close friends in the official video that was captured within the picturesque surroundings of Saxony, Germany last summer.

“‘In Transit’ is the wait,” says Aude on the single. “The silence after realising that it’s over. It’s a song suspended between what was and no longer is, what will be but remains unknown. A high point (point d’orgue) in the fading relationship and a bridge to a reunion with yourself. The time stands still.”

Mostly written in French, Aude’s lyrics deal with feelings of nostalgia and hope, finding the light in the darkness, the acceptance of confused emotions. Promesses explores the themes of unspoken feelings, having an open heart to possibilities, and about light being untangled from the shadows.

“Releasing these songs is a big step in both my musical career as well as personally,” says Aude. “I have carried this project within me for a long time. Some songs were composed in my early twenties when I was living in Paris, others only a few months ago in Berlin. I like to call these songs poems in a shape of songs because it is just what they are: impressions expressed through words and music. It is so radically vulnerable for me that it has taken a lot of inner strength and support from friends to be able to put them out in the world.”

Aude Langlois by Oliver Blohm / @aude_langlois @oliverblohmcom

The main source of inspiration for the visual elements of the project was Aude’s personal memory of her childhood in the French countryside. The location of both video shoots is home to the photographer Jan Stradtmann whose home in Saxony, Germany, offered the perfect location to develop the narrative for the music videos. Its lush and shaded garden was an ideal setting for the slow-paced and tender feeling mediated in the videos.

Echoing the mood and atmosphere of these audio-visual creations. Berlin-based analogue photographer Oliver Blohm crafted a magical Polaroid shoot in Berlin’s outskirts along with styling from Fashion Designer Nico Sutor and creative Make-Up artist Adriatica Bodyart.

“Collaboration is definitely a key in this project,” shares Aude. “It wouldn’t have seen the light of day without so many of these important encounters.”

Aude Langlois’s debut EP Promesses is out now:

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