Ashley Zarah and D-SAB Collab for Empowering Pop Anthem “Let Go”

Ashley Zarah continues her narrative empowering listeners to leave hostile relationships in her new single “Let Go”. Capturing the story of a toxic relationship, where one person is dominant and can’t let go of the power they held in it, this dark-pop track proposes it’s about time they move on. ‘”Let Go” is about people who are attached to a bitter past and truly believe that you are too. I always find it amazing when someone who was blatantly awful and hardly memorable thinks I continue to think fondly of them,” says Zarah of the inspiration behind the song.

Collaborating with producer D-SAB for a truly eclectic and entrancing pop record, the duo pairs D-SAB’s genre-defying electronic production with Zarah’s quintessential voice that keeps listeners engaged throughout the entirety of the track. Zarah’s honest lyricism leaves listeners feeling empowered as she lets all of the toxic ex-lovers out there know that the people they once manipulated are no longer their pawns. “Aggressors hold a delusional view of the toxic past they shared with you; to the extent of both hating you, but also longing for the dominance they felt with you, and therefore wanting you back. In addition, they think you’re suffering the same internal conflict – but you’re not… you see right through them,” says Zarah as she lets go of her own toxic past and looks for a better future.

“This song is all about asking someone to let go of you, to move on from the what-ifs and maybes and to just put an end to your chapter together. Plus let’s not pretend it was ever that great to begin with.” – Ashley Zarah

Ashley Zarah is a child of sweat, adversity and laughter. An Iranian singer/songwriter and Dark-Pop performer hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Zarah merges millennial pain and pop culture, convincing pop listeners to feel something real again, the way she felt during the emo wave in the early 2000s. As a young kid who struggled to find a group and culture to identify with, Zarah decided to invent a space of her own where all the beautifully complex were welcome; hence, the home of Dark-Pop. Its walls are riddled with lyrics and melodies that local scenes have called “captivating and chillingly astute;” each show an “overwhelmingly emotional experience from start to finish.” Needless to say, Zarah finds her fanbase growing each day. Despite stemming from a background of non-musicians, there was no shortage of music in the house. Zarah was raised on artists ranging from Pink Floyd, Madonna, and Natalie Cole to Iranian stars such as Sima Bina, Dariush, and Haydeh. Scouting on her own, she would discover even more eclectic inspirations like Christina Aguilera, Linkin Park, The All-American Rejects, Justin Nozuka, and LIGHTS; all whom inspired her to pick up instruments and gear to perform the songs we hear today. While on scholarship at the highly prestigious art institution, Berklee College of Music, she revealed herself to be both a prolific writer and expressive vocalist; one that stood out from the hundreds of singer/songwriters on campus. Her Middle-Eastern influenced 2-track single Awake(produced by New England’s Producer of the Year 2013 and 2018, Sean McLaughlin) had both songs featured in the upcoming LA indie film, Back In the No. Most recently released, “Like I Do” is a Pop-EDM/Dubstep collaboration with electronic producer MKBLV. It was the precursor to Zarah’s highly anticipated project, the Better Mess – LP, which is currently in pre-production for release in the Fall of 2020; leading with fan-favorite, “My Boyfriend” and “Let Go” as its first two singles.

Having been producing music for nearly a decade, D-SAB’s catalog of tunes demonstrates his inherent ability to seamlessly cross genres and release a complex variety of music to a high standard. Known as a regular DJ at LA’s famed Avalon Hollywood nightclub, D-SAB has also played at SXSW and had music featured by Tiësto on the Club Life 588 radio show. With his limitless abilities to produce a large variety of music, there’s no doubt we can look forward to a plethora of releases this year as D-SAB continues to prove himself as a truly prolific producer.