Arcade Fire release limited edition £80 Fidget Spinner

To the surprise of no-one, Arcade Fire’s latest effort ‘Everything Now’, which hit shelves on Friday, has been a big success and is currently sitting at #1 in the UK charts. Never ones to miss a good merchandising opportunity – see the well-timed shirts ridiculing Kendall Jenner that came out last month – the band have got in on the Fidget Spinners fad with their very own officially branded versions of the toy. Whilst bootleg fidget spinners of practically every notable band going have appeared on the market recently, Arcade Fire are one of relatively few bands to cash in on the craze and make their own official spinners.

Anyone questioning quite how much demand there would be for an Arcade Fire fidget spinner was quickly silenced when they went on sale yesterday (31st July) and sold out soon after – despite the fact that they were priced at a heart-stoppingly steep £80. While the spinner did also double up as a USB stick containing the album, it’s still a ludicrously hefty sum to pay for a gimmick – but demand clearly far outstripped supply as they sold out in frankly staggering time. Although they’re no long available, the product page is still on the band’s official store and you can see the spinner (and check future availability) right here.

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