Danish Ann Christine is a 26-year old singer songwriter who has been based in Berlin for the past five years. Growing up with a father who worked as a producer and guitar player in the Danish pop-music scene – Ann Christine has had music as a part of her upbringing from a very early age. At the age of 16, she decided to move abroad for a year and finally found her own nerve in making music among cowboys and Latin rhythms in a small mountain village of Chile.

Returning to Denmark, Ann Christine started writing her own songs, collaborating closely with her father on the production. In 2013 she released the very first song she ever wrote, “Drawn”, under the artist alias Ann See, which kick-started her music career faster than she had expected. “Drawn” received great attention from the Danish music industry, got playlisted on radio around Europe and brought her to the finals of the Danish Talent show “KarriereKanonen” in 2014. Fast forward two years and countless co-writing sessions and collaborations later, Ann Christine decided to take the witchcraft in her own hand by opening up a new artist project (in her own name) with a sound that reflects how five years in Berlin brutally shapes your youth. Inspired by her surroundings and the Berlin club scene, she sent out the single “New Men” to open up as an introduction to her new project.

And now in October 2019 Ann Christine premiere’s the video to her second single “Hocus Pocus”. Despite the modern interpretation of man-eating, magic and cheap thrills, “Hocus Pocus” also touches upon a more sensitive dimension of the aspect, which is not being able to fall in love.“If I could love, If I could feel what you do, I wouldn’t have to do this” .

Witchy! Check out her video premiere below and let Ann Christine put a musical spell on you…