Roughly around midnight of Mother’s Day, the often stealthy and iconic Andre 3000 (Andre Benjamin, to be exact) of Outkast released 2 tracks. These were done in honor of his late mother, Sharon Benjamin-Hodo, who passed away in 2013. Both songs highlight Andre’s creative side and musical talents with live instrumentation. Which often gets overshadowed by his superb lyrical ability in hip-hop.

“Me & My (To Bury Your Parents)” is the first track released, it’s a susceptible performance to say the least. Kevin Kendrick is on piano as Andre Benjamin tells the listener his memories of his mother & father. Through lyrics he describes his ball of fire of a mother and the alleviating feeling of his father’s presence.

A fulminating experience that compares to a score belonging in an adult version of Disney’s Fantasia is “Look Ma No Hands”. There aren’t any words, it’s Andre and James Blake having a jamming. Imagine being the fly on the wall during that recording with artists of such enigmatic movements. A true fan of music (and jazz) will appreciate this collaboration.

Hardcore Outkast conspiracy theorists may think this is a start for more projects. However, the best way for an artist to celebrate their love is through their craft and that’s simply what this may be.

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