Alt-pop songstress Rebecca Phillips shares short film ‘INGROWN’

Fresh off a sold-out live show at London’s October Gallery, rising alternative experimental artist and creative force Rebecca Phillips premieres her new short film, ‘INGROWN.’ Filmed on location in Berlin, Phillips herself stars and directs the unsettling, confusing and downright provocative short feature. The score was produced by Phillips alongside her usual musical collaborator Christian Mac, a jarring and angular piece of contemporary electronica with flashes of modern R&B – not too dissimilar to recent scores for ‘Annihilation’, ‘Ex Machina’ and even ‘Blade Runner 2049’.

The film follows Character A, portrayed by Phillips, on a journey across Berlin as she descends into a frantic, distressed state – leading to an intense, shocking climax. Filmed from a voyeuristic perspective where character A is always in flux, the film consciously plays with the imperfection of the filmed image, the material and metaphorical grain, blur and strain that comes from a videocamera breathlessly following the character around a familiar yet ghostly cityscape.

Influenced by filmmakers such as Michael Haneke and Gaspar Noe, Phillips, speaking on her vision for the film: “I wanted to explore a particular, prickling paranoia”. Regular creative partners Tom Marshak and Anna Mirkin set the tone perfectly on Photography and Stylist duties respectively – with big plans for the year, if ‘INGROWN’ is anything to go by, Rebecca Phillips is set to become a name to remember in the British and European underground creative scene.

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