Alice in Chains raise a beer bottle to adulthood in bizarre new music video

Alice in Chains released their latest album Rainier Fog late in the summer of last year and have just put out a new music video for the title track.

And it is truly bizarre.

In it the band run over what can only be described as a family of beer bottles killing all but a young child beer bottle.

The band then proceed to adopt the young bottle and raise it as their own.

The bottle is taught by the band to hit a baseball, swims in a kiddie pool and even visits the grand canyon among other things as part of its path to beer bottle adulthood.

We swear all this makes sense if you watch it and we aren’t making any of this up.

Drummer Sean Kinney explained why the band went with such a wacky weird concept saying, “in a world where things are becoming increasingly serious, with ‘Rainier Fog’ we have continued our long tradition of making asses out of ourselves in videos.”

“So for all of you that were raised bottle-fed, this one is for you. Mission accomplished.”

So if you’re looking for what will probably be the strangest video of the year this is it.

The goods are below.