Mexican-American indie rocker Alex O’aiza has followed up his bluesy recent single Money with another new track on Spotify/Apple Music now . The slinky indie-pop of Tether showcases the Dallas musician’s smooth croon and pop smarts alongside an earworm riff and RnB-influenced beats, and is well worth a listen if you’re into Portugal, The Man or Arctic Monkeys in their AM phase.

Tether was written here in Dallas last summer with the help of my producer friend Austin Shawn,” explains O’aiza. “We wanted to further the sound we found on my second single Money, and I’d like to believe that Tether is just that. Last time, we began the musical ideas through a riff on the bass guitar, so this time around we decided to start the process with a good ol’ acoustic. We began writing the song with a riff line and made it the driving force of the tune in a very ostinato fashion. The riff gave off this very sneaky vibe, almost as if you can picture someone tip toeing around. In the end, this shaped the overall theme of the song. It’s about the moments when you can’t quite formulate your thoughts into words, when encountering that one person that makes you throw common sense, and reason, out the window. It is in these very moments where you feel like you’re walking on eggshells, hoping that somehow you don’t end up fucking up your chances with that one special someone.”

Alex O’aiza is a young solo indie-rock artist from Texas with a mission to inspire power in the masses by encouraging them to become the change they want in their lives. His solo singles Bitter Crown and Money drew on gritty blues, snappy garage rock and modern indie-pop and with new material scheduled for release throughout 2019, he’s building strong buzz and real musical momentum.

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