Four previously unheard Washed Out songs are finally seeing the light of day, after being stashed away in a dark corner of Ernest Greene’s room for 10+ years. Once available on limited-edition cassette only, Washed Out’s 2009 debut album High Times is finally being remixed and remastered for vinyl— and Spotify, of course— and getting an official release. Fans will finally be able to hear songs from what feels like a lifetime ago, when “chillwave” was unheard of and Washed Out’s shoegaze-derivative was just making its way onto the internet music scene. Four new songs will be added to the tracklist that weren’t included on the original release.

High Times will be officially out this Friday, November 2 via Subpop, and the reissued vinyl/cassette will be available here November 9. Now all we need is another tour. Hint hint.

High Times, updated tracklist:


  1. Belong
  2. Good Luck
  3. Phone Call
  4. Olivia
  5. Clap Intro
  6. Luck
  7. It’s Kate’s Birthday
  8. You Will Be Sad
  9. Yeah


  1. Don’t Wanna
  2. Step Back
  3. LaLaLaLaLa
  4. Chimes
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